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Las Vegas Record Lab  is a studio home for Musicians, Songwriters, Singers and Music Lovers.  Where creativity flows and inspiration is king.   Pros or first time all are welcome!

The Record Lab Experience  is designed for those who have never been in a studio and want to sing on their favorite song. A bucket list experience with you as the star!!!

  • We provide the music and studio, you provide the voice.
  • The red carpet experience includes vocal mike training, guided recording session with multiple takes, and  personalized post production creates your professional sound.
  • Release your song to your loved one(s), family or friends, via email, on social media , and music sites (Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Amazon Music etc.).  It's ready to Tiktok, Instagram, or it can be on a custom CD w/ your image, name, & title too). 

Original Songs.  Have an original song idea? Our talented father-son team can help build it out to a complete song track, lyrics, etc. bringing your idea to fruition. Just bring your idea and we will create the rest of the song, creating and recording the music from your ideas.  Radio ready post production will enable release to the music sites.  Let's talk through your project! 

Career Development.  Aspiring to a career in music? We've been there, done that and enjoy helping others follow the best paths.  Our award winning producers will guide you and outline how to move forward.  Knowing what to do, whom to trust, and avoid the pitfalls is key second only to your talent, drive, enthusiasm, and dedication.   Reach out and let's go over it. 


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